*Make this for dinner tonight* (It’s delish!) OH and give this fat burning workout a shot too ;) 7.29.16

Hey guys!

I’m here today to give you a wonderful and healthy dinner recipe that my family grew up eating AND a fat burning workout too! 😉

It’s quite funny, I was thinking of making this last week and then my sister sent a picture saying she had made it the other night, so of course I got a craving for it too. Since we all love it so much because our mom made it for us quite often, I thought I would share the LOVE with you guys as  well!

This isn’t the recipe that my mom uses (I think it is quite similar though), and I found it/am giving all the credit to cooks.com.

“Upside Down Pizza Loaf Recipe” (so freaking delish!) (PS. the serving is just in a breadloaf pan, so if you want to serve a family or have plenty extra for leftovers I would make 2 servings!)

upside down pizza loaf recipe 1 upside down pizza loaf recipe 2

What I used! (Missing from picture: Green pepper (I used red instead), 1 egg, salt, Parmesan Cheese)

UDPL ingredients

Finished product!

My sister’s versus mine… (yeah okay, hers turned out much better looking!) TASTE was delish!

UDPL E's version<–Hers! UDPL JBrauz version<–Mine (maybe our lighting is just different 😉 😉 )

Serve with any sort of vegetable or side salad!

upside down pizza loaf finished productBon appetit!


**Fat Burning Workout!**

Superset 3 times through:

1a) 10 Single Leg Hip Thrusts (each leg)

1b) 5 Chinups (band or no band)

Superset 3 times through:

2a) 5 Plyometric Pushups (Clap!) (If too challenging from ground practice at incline!)

2b) 10 Jump Squats


Grab some moderately heavy DB’s, set timer for 8 minutes and complete the following:

8 DB Thrusters

4 Curtsy Lunges Each Leg (Hold DB’s in each hand!)

30 Sec Plank with Shoulder Taps

8 Bent Over Rows

REPEAT until 8 min is up! (rest when needed)

Hope you enjoy the recipe and the workout! Let me know how it goes 🙂







{Workout Wednesday!} Try this 25 min. Metabolic Strength Workout to torch fat and gain strength! 7/20/16

Hey all,

Happy Hump/Pump Day! Want a great workout that is under 30 minutes and will help you get stronger AND lose body fat!? Well give this workout below a shot, and you will be sure to work up a sweat.



Warmup: 5-8 min: foam roll, dynamic stretches (see my previous post on what to do before your workout!)

Set your timer for 25 minutes and complete the following:

10 weighted dynamic jump squats (use a heavy dumbbell or KB and hold in front of chest, jump feet out and drop booty to the ground and then spring your body back up to the starting position with joining feet closer together!)

5 hand release push-ups

10 (total, so 5 each leg) lateral lunges with a pulse (hold a 5-15 lb KB,DB, weight plate) and push the weight out in front of chest when performing each lunge

5 chin-ups (band or not), OR horizontal inverted rows with trx or barbell, OR heavy supinated grip lat pull downs

30 Sec. Front plank

Repeat! (See how many rounds you can get in!)


Good luck and have fun!




*Dynamic Warmup!* {What to do before your workout!} 6/29/16

Hi all,

So I just want to talk about the importance of a dynamic warmup for just a sec. I think it is important to prep your body before you start your workout and especially to prevent any injuries from occurring. While some movement is better than none, I do think it is wise to include some of the exercises listed below into your pre-workout routine.

Here are some benefits to a dynamic warmup:

  1. Reduce the risk of injury
  2. Prepares the body for peak performance
  3. Increases the blow flow to your muscles
  4. Increases your muscles core temperature


Your Pre-workout routine should take about 5-10 minutes and include some of the following.

  1. Foam rolling: Some good areas to roll out include: 1)calves, 2)hamstrings, 3)glutes (piriformis), 4)adductors, 5)IT band, 6)quads, 7) shoulders & back (I would take about 30 sec to 1 min on each muscle group depending on the area that may need a little more lovin’!)

roll out calvesroll out hamstringsroll out glutes (piriformis)roll out inner thighroll out IT bandroll out quads roll out back (The pictures are in order for the different muscle groups listed above!)

Dynamic Stretches: Complete 6-10 reps (each side if applicable) of the following exercises, one cycle through should suffice, if you don’t feel totally prepared, you can cycle through again.

  1. Reach throughsreach throughs 1 reach throughs 2
  2. Cat-Cow and/or Bird Dogs (opp. arm and leg reach)

cat-cow-posebird dogs

3. Hip Circles hip circles

4. Clamshells clamshells

5. Glute Bridges  glute bridges

5. Squat to Stands squat to stand 1 squat to stand 2

6. Yoga Plexyoga plex 3 yoga plex 1 yoga plex 2

7. Internal Rotation/Scapular Retraction for Shoulders internal rotation shoulders 2 internal rotation shouldersscap retraction work( <– think about pinching shoulder blades together like there is an imaginary pen in between them!)

8. PVC Pipe (good for shoulder mobility/flexibility, please be smart and don’t overdo, also ask for help if not sure how to do this one!)

pvc pipe 1 pvc pipe 2 pvc pipe 3


Yoga Plex/ Squat to Stand Video


Those are great exercises to do before you strength train. Also if doing “leg day” I would incorporate some leg swings (front and back, side to side) along with either some jump squats or box jumps. If doing an “upper body day” I would include either regular pushups, clap pushups for some power, or some scapular pushups. Remember to be smart and do the pre-workout exercises that YOU can do.



Okay Happy Training!



Prioritize this #1 thing for fat loss this summer… 6/10/16

Ahh summer has come upon us quite quickly and now the inevitable..”omg am I going to look good in a swim suit” or “errr what are those dimples on my butt and legs, is that cellulite?!”

Not that I am saying we can’t try and better ourselves, or try and work toward our own personal health and wellness goals, but by constantly having this “negative self-talk” and degrading ourselves and our bodies…well, we might be doing more harm than good.

Instead of obsessing and stressing over a certain part of our body this summer, let’s try focusing MORE on quality sleep. That is our number one priority. Now sure, I will give you a couple more things to focus on as well to lose some body fat, however, sleep is overlooked many times.

You might be thinking..” oh great Jess is saying I can’t go to “X,Y,Z’s” party now because I have to be #grandmastatus or #grandpastatus and go to bed at 7pm everynight”..UM, no not exactly.

I am saying prioritize your sleep by getting at least 7-10 hours for 4-5 x’s/week for the following reasons..


  1. Lose body fat while you sleep! You are essentially fasting for 8-10 hours. If you stop eating at say 8pm…and hit the sack by 9…and wake up by 6, then that right there is 10 hours that you have fasted. *GOLDEN*
  2. Lack of Sleep= increased daytime cortisol levels. Cortisol is up=stress=increase in body fat.
  3. Carb CRAVINGS the next day. Ever notice when you go out to a party and have wayyy too much to drink you end up craving that pizza late at night or maybe even a fast food drive thru? NO? Just me? K, cool. Well, the same happens the next day when our sleep schedule is out of whack and you went to bed at 4am and then you wake up and you are like mustttt haveeee a bagel. (or whatever your go-to hungover item is). Well essentially our hormones get a little out of whack and our energy is low so we decide that carbs are our best friend that day. Well, no bueno. Not that I don’t love carbs, I truly do. However, if fat loss is a goal of yours then going out every weekend,staying out super late, and not getting any sleep is not going to be so great for that waistline.
  4. Oh and don’t let your friends/spouse/whomever make you feel bad about getting to bed early. When you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world, then you can say..told you so! (I seriously love getting to bed early now whenever I can)

So my dears, if there is one thing that can help to relax you toward fat loss this summer, just.hit.the.sack. Do your typical bedtime routine, maybe light some incense before you go to sleep, put some essential oils on your wrists, neck or whatever, take 5 deep breaths ( inhale for 3 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds), read a book.

Once you feel like your sleep is in check, or you have already gotten a good handle on that…how about focusing on these other things as well.

  1. Sleep
  2. Stress levels 
  3. Quality food choices, heavy on the protein and veggie intake at every meal. Carbs? Sure! More carb intake= heavy strength training days, not strength training? Minimize your carbohydrate intake. {Think you are okay with your nutrition? Start tracking how many calories you eat each day either by using myfitnesspal or a journal and you might be suprised by some extra calories that are sneaking in and causing fat gain. }
  4. Alcohol intake. Eeeeeek, I said it. Yes I know! However, I find whenever my body fat is going up it is *mostly* centered around my alcohol intake being much higher…as soon as I get that down or really limit it…that’s when your body fat will go down. {Okay and yes I DO want you to enjoy your summer, hell I am going to, especially before starting grad school..), but just be cognizant of how much you are consuming and cut back if you find your fat loss is at a standstill. Not a drinker? Look at whatelse you may be drinking…soda? sugary juices? Make sure you limit that as well or totally cut it out. Orange juice=soooo many oranges, and 1 orange= 1 orange, so stick with the non-juice drinks or the regular fruit in non liquid form..mmm k.
  5. Movement. I put this one last? Insanityyyy. Yup, I want you to focus on the 4 other things listed above BEFORE you go crazy on this one. As soon as we start overtraining…our bodies get super stressed..and then our cortisol goes up..and bam, our body fat increases. So try and stick with this template: 3-4 Strength Training Days, 1-2 Moderate Intensity Days ( 3-4 mile run, swim, soccer..), 1 HIIT Day or Yoga Day and then 1 RELAX day.


OH and one last thing…there is no “perfect bikini body”. Embrace your beautiful, quirky, funky, badass and awesome self. You do YOU.

Enjoy your summer.





sometimes you just need to have a good ole play session! 6/3/16

Hey guys!

So last week I was chatting with two of my clients and asked..”so what do you two want to focus on next week?” and one of them responded with “gymnastics!! especially handstands! I just want to play..handstands, headstands..maybe cartwheels?” and I responded with OH hell YES.

Granted,(I am not a gymnastics coach, thank you very much!), but the fact that my clients wanted to do something different… something a little more out of the ordinary from our typical session… made me SO happy.

I just loved that they wanted to play. One of them had grown up doing gymnastics as a youngster and wanted to get back into it…

So, when we had our session, we just experimented and PLAYED. We started out with some good old stop, drop and rolls. Yup, some somersaults..boy haven’t done those in forever and they are kinda hard!..then we continued on with some rolling deck squats, and then some cartwheels! Had a lovely discussion on how you tend to favor starting on your non-dominant side for the cartwheel…so for instance..I’m a lefty and I started with my right hand for the cartwheel…we weren’t really sure as to why that was..any of my gymnast readers know why?!

Then we continued onto “roundoffs”, essentially where you do a cartwheel and then land with both feet at the same time. SO fun.

Afterwards we played around with crow pose to work on some arm balances, and then got into headstands and handstands against a wall.

One of the girls found that when I said “1,2,3, kick” before she started her handstand that it helped her out alot. I appreciated that because it is similar to doing a deadlift or a squat where a specific cue will help you to accomplish that particular move.

I just want to say that I had the best time with these girls and they are pretty radass. They got a little bit out of their comfort zone and sometimes that is what we need to not only get stronger physically, but also mentally.

handstands Leela and Jess

If you are not having a good day and need to get a good laugh in…seriously go back to your inner kid. Go to the playground and get on some SWINGS, go swing across the monkey bars, try out some handstands or headstands against a wall ( please be careful!), get all of your friends and play that red rover game in a park or play tag. WHATEVER it is just go outside ( or even stay in) and release your inner kid. Laugh, have fun, goof off, life is too short.


Love youuuuu,


I ate all the baguettes, breakfast pastries, and cheese in the South of France! #aintnoshame 5/27/16

Hey guys!

Wow, I’ve been pretttty MIA lately…but I have a good reason, I swear.

I went on week and a half long family trip to the South of France visiting many splendid places (including Marseille, Monaco, St. Tropez, Nice, Maillane, St. Remy de Provence, Gordes, Avignon, Cassis, and Chateaneuf du Pape, hopefully I didn’t forget one!) and eating any and all of the local delicacies they had.

It was the most amazing trip ever (minus the fact that our little sister wasn’t there with us…) We missed you Bibs!

Anyway, I just want to say that I ate everything that I wanted and more while on the trip and didn’t give a **** about it! Yup.

Baguettes, breakfast pastries ( specifically ones that were sugarcoated beignet type and nutella filled!) <—*holy mother effer*, lamb, veal, sausage,back of rabbit,bouillabaisse, ESCARGOT, duck pate, mushroom pate, any kind of pate, chocolate souflee, scallops and risotto, chocolate icecream (4x’s at least!), stinky cheese, goat cheese, ham and cheese crepes, gummy candies,WINE and baguettes..oh shit did I say that one already? I think that one was everyday..


South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 034 (<— profiteroles were to die for! a tasty dessert our first night in Marseille!)South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 066(<—thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with escargot!)

South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 072(<—just one of the many times that I had a glass of wine in my hand!)

South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 099 (<—icecream in Monaco, because who doesn’t like icecream while watching fast cars race by… )

South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 126South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 334South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 414South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 426South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 346South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 398South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 457South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 033South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 023South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 454South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 116


My point is..I didn’t let my own body, the weight it is currently at; and the idea of  restricting myself to only “healthy food options” control me while on the trip. I let me be me for the past two weeks and I’m SO okay with that. In fact, I gained 4 lbs total during the trip and I am pretty damn happy with that. I went into it knowing, 1) hey jess you’re probably not going to work out (I did one day!, and well walking around the different cities and towns certainly counts as well!), 2) you’re going to enjoy a crap ton of delicious food and wine while you’re there, (YUP) and 3) life is still going to continue where you left off when you get back and you can get back on track when you’re ready. Okay, cool thanks life (fist pump).

So, overall it was such a lovely time and definitely a food and wine filled trip and I have no regrets! Sometimes you need to take time for yourself and ENJOY life.


South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 184South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 234GordesSouth of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 203St. Remy de ProvenceSouth of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 286Boat Tour of the Calanques in Cassis








7 Cues to a Better Goblet Squat (+ a KB Swing & Goblet Squat Workout to Try!) 5/3/16

Ahh the goblet squat! What a wonderful exercise to help you progress to a loaded barbell squat… I’m a big fan of the goblet squat. Why?

Well, it is typically more user friendly for any fitness level AND like I just mentioned above it’s a good beginner squat variation.

The goblet squat is a front loaded, holding a weight in the “goblet” position exercise, that helps one to work on deepening their range of motion, as well as challenging their own fitness level depending on the weight they choose to hold out front.

Whenever I start working with my clients and they are having a hard time with squatting, goblet squats are typically prescribed as part of their workout regimen.

goblet squattttcropped-goblet-squat1.jpggoblet squat 70 lbs

Here are 7 cues to help you with the goblet squat.

  1. Start with bodyweight or a light weight FIRST. Don’t try and load up with a 50lb Kettlebell at first and wonder how the hell you are going to push yourself back up to the starting position. Be sensible and safe.
  2. Keep the chest up. Holding a weight in the “goblet” position out in front of your chest is going to be a good reminder to maintain good posture and not to hunch your shoulders as you lower yourself into the squatting position.
  3. Maintain a neutral spine and good head alignment. This one follows along with #2 in that when you lower down into the squat position maintaining a good neutral head and spine alignment is going to be key for maintaing good form as well as preventing any lower back pain or injury.
  4. Push the elbows out against the knees. As you are lowering yourself down into the squat position you can push your elbows  out against the inside part of your knees in order to help prevent your knees from caving in as you return to the starting position. When the knees cave in it is called “Knee Valgus” and that is no bueno.
  5. Inhale for the lower, exhale on the up. Think about exhaling for the “harder” part of the exercise. You will inhale your breath as you lower down into the squat and then exhale as you drive your heels into the ground and push back up to the starting position.
  6. Tighten your core. Keeping your core braced (the front part of your body along with the sides and back) is not only helping to protect your spine, but allows you to maintain good posture during the exercise as well.
  7. Squuuuueeeeeze that tush at the top. In order to activate those glutes and to help that bootay grow, you need to squeeze that booty at the top of the exercise each time! Think about pinching a penny between those butt checks 😉


Now that you have 7 cues to a better goblet squat, try this little KB Swing and Goblet Squat Workout. [Remember to be safe and smart and don’t load up too heavy in the beginning, especially if you haven’t done this exercise too much! ]

*Complete 2 reps, 4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2*

1a) Kettlebell Swings

1b) Goblet Squats


Happy Squatting,


Tabata, gonna change ya bata? *The 4 MINUTE FAT LOSS Workout* 4/27/16

Yes, bata=body 😉

4 minutes, eh? Yup, that’s all that this workout consists of and it might, just might, kick your bata.

Well, that’s at least what happened on Monday..and yesterday as well…

On Monday I decided I was going to give tabata another go round, since I had not done it in quite some time..and was feelin’ like giving a little extra love to the barbell front squat. SOO..I (luckily!) was able to snag a co-worker from my gym and get him to (*hehehe*) do the little tabata workout with me (this girl didn’t want to do it on her own!). (I also learned he had not done front squats since oh *high school*) so he was definitely feelin’ it both during the workout and the next day as well..

So anyway, I was thinking “yeah, jess you can probably do 75lbs for these”…and well that idea was pretty much squashed right away before we even started..so I was like “okay, definitely 65 lbs and you can just bang out the reps in 20 sec”…oh yes, ms. cocky again! ( granted I was able to get about 3-20 second rounds in…), I certainly realized 55lbs was going to be my final number for the remaining 5 rounds… and boy was that TOUGH. Like, seriously. If you don’t think so, give it a try. Oh and count the number of reps you do for each 20 second round and see if you can keep that same number or try to up it.

After we did that 4 minute fat loss workout, we decided to burn our shoulders (and shooooosh we certainly did) with push presses, pushups, weight plate frontal raises, arnold presses, lateral raises and this crazy 2 minute burn he decided to put me through after ALL THAT.

tabata funny (<— me exactly.)

AND THENNNN yesterday my workout partner from Monday decided to put me through ANOTHER tabata workout and had me complete 8 rounds of “seated incline bicep curls” and whadayaknow I started out with 15 lbers and quickly transitioned to the beautiful 10’s and 5’s right nearby…

Okay, you’re probably like great great nice to hear about your workouts bro (bra for a female?!) , but what actually IS Tabata?!

pinot says cool story bro “Cool Story Bro” (This is our lovely queen Pinot beeteedubs)


So Tabata Training is considered  “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) which consists of 20 seconds of hard work,10 seconds rest,  and completing it for 8 rounds. (That’s how it adds up to 4 minutes…)

You can choose 1 exercise, 2, 4 or however many you want!

The workout was invented by a Japanese physician and researcher “Dr. Izumi Tabata” who conducted a study using the 20/10 Interval based training model. He compared two groups ( the control group did more of an moderate intensity type exercise) and the Tabata group did the high intensity style training. He found that the tabata group improved both of their aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and that their anaerobic fitness level increased by 28%, whereas, the control group did not improve anaerobically.

With that being said, is this a workout for everyone? No, not necessarily. Please use precautionary measures before beginning a workout you are unsure of!

How often should you do this workout? I would start out 1-2 x’s a week and see how that feels, and I think the “tabata pro” app is quite awesome and you should definitely download it. I also use my pink “gym boss” and that tends to do the trick as well 🙂  tabata propink gym boss


Okay, here are three workouts for you to try on your own! GOOD LUCK, be safe, and get sweaty 😉

Workout #1:

Front Squat (Barbell or 2 Kettlebells held in “racked position”) 8 rounds, 20 sec hard work, 10 sec rest


Complete 8 rounds of the following:

  1. Pushups 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
  2. Jump Squats 20 sec work, 10 sec rest

Workout #3:

Sprints OR KB Swings ( vary the pounds you use after completing 8 rounds, so 25# for the 1st round of 8, 35# for 2nd round of 8…)

Sprint on Treadmill for 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest, complete 8 rounds ( if you are feeling extra sprint hungry, mix it up and do 8 rounds at 1 speed, 8 rounds at another speed, and 8 rounds at 2 other speeds!

Speed 6.4: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest ( complete 8 rounds)

Speed 7.0: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest (” “)

Speed 9.0: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest (” “)

Speed 7.5: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest (” “)



Happy Tabata’ng,


ATTN: NEW Moms, Students, and Those with Busy Schedules! 3 FULL BODY, NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED Workouts to do at HOME! 4/20/16

Having a hard time making it to the gym lately?… then this post is for you! (Whether you just had a baby, are in school, or your schedule is just getting so chaotic, that adding that gym session into your schedule is another stressor!)

Soo I thought I would share three full body, no equipment needed workouts, so that you can get all nice and sweaty in the comfort of your own home 🙂


FULL BODY Workout #1: (Complete 1a and 1b for 3 Sets before moving onto 2a…)

1a) Body Weight Squats 3 x 20 ( Work on depth and getting that booty to the floor!)

1b) Plank Shoulder Taps 3 x 30 Sec

2a) Body Weight Reverse Lunges 3 x 10/ each leg

2b) Side Plank Hip Ups 3 x 30 Sec/ each side

3a) Jump Squats 3 x 30 Sec

3b) Incline Pushup on Couch 3 x 10-12 Reps



**Complete the following exercises in circuit fashion and increasing the # of repetitions by 2 reps for each round! {Complete 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,12,10,8,6,4,2}

1a) Elevated Glute Bridges

1b) Rocking Front Plank- 30 Sec

1c) Super Mans

1d) Vups -30 Sec

1e) Lateral Lunges (Tap opposite hand to the ground)

1 f) Side Plank Twists-30 Sec Each Side

1g) Burpees

1h) Hollow Hold (press back into floor as hard as you can, don’t allow space between your back and the floor)-30 Sec


FULL BODY Workout #3: Get your jump on!

{5,5,5!}= 5 Rounds, 5 Reps, 5 Exercises, GO!

  1. Jump Squats
  2. Pushups
  3. Jump Lunges
  4. Plank Jump Throughs (with hands up after each jump through 🙂 )
  5. Jumping Jacks



Okay, there you have three full body workouts that you can get in at home! Let me know how these go!









8 Beginner/Intermediate Treadmill Workouts! 4/14/16

Hey All!

So I realized after writing that blog post on my “favorite types of cardio”, that many of the cardio workouts were a bit advanced. They may have been a bit intimidating for some of you and with that I apologize! I do want to cater to all of you, every fitness level, so that is why I decided with this post to write up 4 awesome beginner treadmill workouts and 4 awesome intermediate treadmill workouts. ( Please bear in mind, alot of the speeds and inclines I used were examples, so please PLEASE cater to your own level!) I want safety to be of utmost importance.

Without further adieu, I present 4 Beginner Treadmill Workouts, as well as 4 Intermediate Treadmill Workouts. Give them a try and let me know how they go 🙂

 Beginner Treadmill #1
Walking UpHill Climb/Downhill

{10-15 Minutes}

Warmup: Min 1-3, Speed 2.5, Incline 0
Min 4-5, Speed 3.0, Incline 2
Min 5-6, Speed 3.2, Incline 4
Min 6-7, Speed 3.4, Incline 6
Min 7-8, Speed 3.6, Incline 8
Min 8-9, Speed 3.4, Incline 6
Min 9-10, Speed 3.2, Incline 4
Min 10-11, Speed 3.0, Incline 2
Min 11-15, Speed 2.5, Incline 0

{Please adjust the speeds to your level-this is an example for a beginner}

Beginner Treadmill #2

{3,2,1} 3 Minutes at Moderate Pace, 2 Minutes at Mod-Fast Pace, 1 Minute at Fast Pace

3 Rounds=18 minutes
4 Rounds=24 minutes

3 minutes at 3.5 pace
2 minutes at 4.2-4.5 pace
1 minute at 5.2-5.8 pace

Beginner Treadmill #3

{20 minutes}

[2 min walk, 2 min jog interval]

Warmup: Min 1-5: Speed 2.5-3.0, Incline 0
Min 5-7: Speed 3.2-3.5,Incline 0
Min 7-9: Speed 3.8-4.2, Incline 0
Min 9-11: Speed 3.2-3.5, Incline 0
Min 11-13: Speed 3.8-4.2, Incline 0
Min 13-15: Speed 3.2-3.5, Incline 0
Min 15-17: Speed 3.8-4.2, Incline 0
Min 17-20: Cool down, Speed 2.5, Incline 0

Beginner Treadmill #4

{30 minutes}


Warmup: Min 1-5, Speed 3.5, Incline 3
Min 5-10, Speed 4.2-4.5, Incline 0
Min 10-15, Speed 4.5-4.8, Incline 0
Min 15-20, Speed 4.8-5.2, Incline 0
Min 20-25, Speed 5.2-5.5, Incline 0
Min 25-30, Cool Down, Speed 2.5, Incline 0

Intermediate Treadmill #1

{20 Minutes}

Warmup: Min 1-4: Speed 5.0, Incline 0
Min 5-6: Speed 5.6, Incline 1
Min 6-8: Speed 5.8, Incline 2
Min 8-11: Speed 6.0,Incline 3
Min 11-12: Speed 6.2,Incline 3
Min 12-14: Speed 6.4, Incline 2
Min 14-17: Speed 6.6, Incline 1
Min 17-20: Cool down, Speed 3.5, Incline 0

Intermediate Treadmill #2 (Personal Fave!)

{30 Minutes} Tabata Sprints

Warmup: Minutes 1-5: Speed 3.5-4.0, Incline 0
Min 5-9: 20 sec hard @ 6.5, Incline 0, 10 sec rest (feet on sides of treadmill when resting) (should be 8 rounds)
Min 9-13: 20 sec hard @ 5.5, Incline 10, 10 sec rest (feet on sides of treadmill when resting) (8 rounds)
Min 13-17: 20 sec hard at 7.0, Incline 5, 10 sec rest (feet on sides of treadmill when resting) (8 rounds)
Min 17-21: 20 sec hard at 7.5, Incline 0, 10 sec rest (feet on sides of treadmill when resting) (8 rounds)
Min 21-30: Cool down! Light jog at 4.5/5.0, or walk at 3.5, Incline 0

Intermediate Treadmill #3 (This one is killer!)

{40 minutes}
[The neverending climb!]

Warmup: Min 1-5, Speed 5.0,Incline 0
Min 5-6, Speed 5.2, Incline 1
Min 6-7, Speed 5.4, Incline 2
Min 7-8, Speed 5.6, Incline 3
Min 8-9, Speed 5.8, Incline 4
Min 9-10, Speed 6.0, Incline 5
Min 10-11, Speed 6.2, Incline 6
Min 11-12, Speed 6.4, Incline 7
Min 12-13, Speed 6.6, Incline 8
Min 13-14, Speed 6.8, Incline 9
Min 14-15, Speed 7.0, Incline 10
Min 15-16, Speed 7.0, Incline 11
Min 16-17, Speed 6.8, Incline 12
Min 17-18, Speed 6.6, Incline 13
Min 18-19, Speed 6.4, Incline 14
Min 19-20, Speed 6.2, Incline 15
Min 20-25, Speed 6.0, Incline 5
Min 25-30, Speed 5.8, Incline 3
Min 30-35, Speed 5.5, Incline 1
Min 35-40, Cool Down, Speed 3.0, Incline 0

Intermediate Treadmill #4

{25 minutes}
Jog/Sprint Intervals!

Warmup: Min 1-4: Speed 6.0, Incline 0
Min 4-6: Speed 6.3, Incline 0
Min 6-6:30: Speed 7.5, Incline 2
Min 6:30-8:30: Speed 6.1, Incline 0
Min 8:30-9:00: Speed 8.0, Incline 2
Min 9-11: Speed 6.3, Incline 0
Min 11-11:30: Speed 7.8, Incline 2
Min 11:30-13:30: Speed 6.1, Incline 0
Min 13:30-14:00: Speed 7.5, Incline 2
Min 14-16: Speed 6.3, Incline 0
Min 16-16:30: Speed 8.0, Incline 2
Min 16:30-18:30: Speed 6.1, Incline 0
Min 18:30-19: Speed 7.8, Incline 2
Min 19-21: Speed 6.3, Incline 0
Min 21-25: Cool down, Speed 3.5, Incline 0


Good luck and crush it on the tread 😉