WE do sprints Wednesday! 11/11/15

Oh hey guys.

Just finished this workout and let me just say the added kettlebell swings at the end of each sprint were FIERCE.

Sooo cardio. Yes I love to do my strength training 2-3 times a week, but there is nothing like a nice sprint outside to really get me amped. I especially love to be working out outside this time of the year because I feel so refreshed.

Anddd because I love you and want you to possibly try this workout on your own, I wanted to share with you all!


Here it is:

JBrauzFit Parking Lot Sprints and KB Swing Combo

My version: ( It took me approx. 20 min or so)

1 x 90-100 m sprint as fast as you can (and make sure no cars are pulling out!)

jog back to where you started

20 HEAVY Kettlebell swings ( I used a 35 lb KB, but use whatever suits your fancy)

Rest for a couple of seconds, gulp down some water, and notice that your neighbor across the street is staring and watching you the whole time…CREEPER. ( Haha, I think he is harmless, he is always curious though when I am using my battle rope and KB and jumprope outside for a workout though..)

Repeat 7 MORE TIMES. 

Once you finish- FARMER’S CARRY that KB back into your apartment, hell yes, and make sure you switch half way with which arm is carrying it so you don’t get such a massively big left arm, because we just wouldn’t want that right?! Haha, you guysss.

Oh and in case you wanted to see me do it SUPER fast- like lightning speed. here is the video!

Parking lot sprints Snowy mt from parking lot sprints

Happy Veteran’s Day to all,


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