12 Holiday Wishes from JBrauz (+ “The 12 Reps of Christmas” Workout!) 12/22/15

Ho, ho, ho…Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my loves!

I just wanted to send some holiday cheer your way and include a fun “The 12 Reps of Christmas” workout.

Here are 12 Holiday love wishes/requests!

12-Enjoy some egg nog, spiked or not 😉

11-Go on a nice long walk outside or do 12, 40-50 meter sprints in your driveway!

10-Call or send a card to your grandparents or someone elderly in your life who you may not see during the Holidays.

9-Enjoy the best damn Christmas cookie you have ever had.

8- PLAY!

7-Meditate or do yoga.


5-Cuddle with a loved one.

4-Enjoy a new/different activity with family or friends.

3-Donate clothes, toys or food to those in need.

2-Dance or sing to Holiday music.

1-Be. in. the.moment. Put away your phone or electronics at some point this Holiday season and just remember what the holidays are all about. Spending time with your loved ones.

Hope your Holiday is as special as you are.

“The 12 Reps of Christmas” workout printout! —>The 12 Reps of Christmas

The 12 Reps of Christmas!

(Make sure to get a dynamic warmup in beforehand-foam rolling and dynamic stretches, then complete 1-2 sets, 12 repetitions of each exercise, modify if need be)

Chin-ups (unassisted or assisted with a band!)

Handstand pushups (against wall, or feet propped up on small bench or couch)

Renegade rows (12 reps each arm)

Incline dumbbell bench press

Single leg deadlift (12 reps each leg)

T-pushups (12 reps total)

Medicine ball slams

Alternating reverse lunges (hold kettlebell or dumbbell at chest- 12 reps each leg)

Swings-Kettlebell swings (Heavy!)


Enjoy and let me know how it goes 🙂

Happy Holidays,



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