** 5 TIPS for staying on track this holiday season! ** (+ free DB Complex workout!) 12/3/15

Happy December 3rd my lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, family or yourself!! Now I know, I know, you may have eaten a little more on Thanksgiving Day, but  that is OK. Cut yourself a break.

Sometimes ( or maybe many times!) we have this mentality that we neeeeed to be perfect with our nutrition or our workouts every.single.day.of.the.week. But NO, let’s stop right there.

We are human, guys.

We slip up. We drink TOO many cocktails, (cough, cough.. 😉 ), we perhaps have a second helping of mashed potatoes or indulge in some icecream, or we all together don’t get our typical workouts in because we are spending time with our loved ones or our FAVORITE nephew ever.

We learn to adjust. We modify. We make changes and that is all a part of our daily lives.

Last week, I traveled up to Seattle, WA to spend some quality Thanksgiving time with my family. It was an absolute blast. My husband and I road tripped it up there and we really got to be in the moment and had so many laughs with everyone and my cute cute nephew.

all of us at turkey trotmom and dad at ThanksgivingPotsy and me

Here is how I ate and worked out last week:

For my nutrition– I did the best I could in the car ride driving up there, had a really good protein and veggie packed salad for lunch from whole foods, drank way too much water (which caused my husband to stop at every rest stop in sight!), munched on some ginger trail mix, and then had some not as healthy snacks such as: smart popcorn & deli style mustard pretzels. I did not beat myself over those. 😉

Throughout the week, we had some really good coffee, plenty o’ protein, many carbs, fats, water, and some yummy adult beverages. Was I perfect? No. Is that okay? Yes.

For my workouts– Tuesday morning- Did a couple of yoga moves in the hotel room, Wednesday- got my bodyweight Thanksgiving workout in with my hubs!, Thursday- 3 mile Turkey Trot with my hubs, sis, brother in law and their amazing little guy, later that evening walked outside. Friday-did some walking again outside, and then didn’t workout the rest of the week! Yes- I really did miss lifting some weights, but once again didn’t beat myself up over it.

So, what I am saying is that- many times you will stay pretty consistent with your routine (nutrition or workouts), and other times you will not. If you miss a day, two or three, try to stay positive and look to a new day. OR get a bodyweight or 20 min workout in in the am so that you don’t have to stress about it the rest of the day.

Thus, here are 5 TIPS of mine for helping you to stay on track throughout the holiday season, enjoying family/friend time, laughing like crazy, and just not beating yourself up if you aren’t perfect.

  1. Eat protein and veggies for every meal. I like to structure three meals a day with 2-3 snacks as well. Protein will make you feel full faster! My holiday challenge for you is to have a green or red healthy food ( ie-broccoli, brussel sprouts, cucumber, green, red pepper, avocado, celery, spinach, mixed greens, snap peas, green onion, cilantro, asparagus, jalapenos, apples, tomatoes, raspberries, beets, strawberries!) everyday from today all the way through December 31st.  Feel free to post to insta to let me know how it’s going and tag me along the way! 😉 @jbrauz07

green and red salad

2. Be mindful! Holiday season for many=get your drankkk and cookie eating on! Oh, yum! While I am all for both…wait did someone just say “peanut butter blossoms” or the “assortment of Italian cookies my dad gets from his client every year”? Or some spiked egg nog? Hehe. I get it we all love this stuff and I absolutely do as well, AND I want you to enjoy it all! But what we can do is be a bit more mindful of how much we consume..

  • When consuming adult beverages, drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed. Try Almond milk egg nog instead of regular- it’s SOO good, or if you are a fan of white russians (not necessarily a fav of mine), then try this…

white russianRecipe: 1.5 part vodka, 1.5 parts kahlua, 1 parts almond milk, put all into a shaker, pour over ice and enjoy!

AlmondMilkEggNog2 (omg so effing good!)

  • When consuming some holiday treats and you want ALL of the treats, take a couple of bites out of each delicious goodie (but don’t put it back! 😉 ) and it will make you feel content and perhaps not overly stuffed. Orrrr you can go another route and for your dessert, choose to have a dessert over alcohol or vice versa. Whatever you choose to do,  I hope you truly enjoy it especially during this time of the year.

3. Get a 20-30 min workout in the am! I know for myself that as soon as the Holiday season comes around, things can get a weee bit hectic. Last minute shopping, hanging out with friends and family, decorating your house and then you think ” oh crap, I haven’t gotten my workout in- well it’s too late now!”. Don’t think that just because it’s almost the end of the year that you have to give up at this point. NO. Plan your workouts in advance. Write down what you are going to do, challenge a friend, or schedule it in your phone. You can get a 20 min. workout in before work with a pair of DB’s (dumbbells or your body weight!) I personally like MRT Training ( Metabolic Resistance Training- great for strengthening and torching fat!) I LOVE complexes. They consist of completing a number of exercises back to back with out stopping until the last exercise has been completed! You can use body weight, DB’s, KB’s or a barbell.

Here is a DB Complex that I love to do!

Do 5 sets. 5-8 reps of each exercise. Make sure to do 10 burpees in between each set 😉 Rest for 30 sec-1 min after the burpees and repeat.  *Deadlifts, *Bent over row, *Front squat, *Press, *Reverse Lunge

4. Enjoy Family & Friend time, dance, and laugh! I absolutely love my family’s traditions and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I also love to dance. Hey, I didn’t say I was good at it 😉 My younger sister is the best. You should follow her if you want to get your dance on! @librafairy

lib dancing

5. Most importantly, think about YOURSELF a little bit more this holiday season. When you get so caught up with buying gifts for your loved ones, we tend to lose focus on ourselves. Write down 3 things you love about your body, buy yourself a small little christmas gift ( hello, manicure!) and just take care of yourself. Go to your hot yoga class because it makes you feel good, Try something new or go outside, take your vitamins, take a hot bath every night…

I seriously love this time of the year and just remember- don’t stress about the little things. Be present. Be in the moment. Enjoy your time with the ones that mean the most.


Happy Holidays!




Love and hugs,



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