5 “Holy Ab burning” Core Exercises to do with a swiss ball! My faves…. 1/13/16

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a nice little ab burn in ūüėČ We all know in order to get that visible ab pop, then shaping up your nutrition is the first thing to look at. But say you are already getting that in check and really want to strengthen your core, then now is the time to try JBrauz’s 5 favorite core exercises to do with a swiss ball!

  1. Jackknife- pikes: place feet on ball, with rest of body in plank position, start by bringing both knees to the chest while keeping the butt down and then when you extend legs back, you press tops of feet into the ball while simultaneously allowing hips and glutes to shoot up toward the ceiling into a pike position. After the Jackknife and pike that is 1 repetition. jackknife pike

2. Prayer pose: ¬† ¬†Start with forearms and hands (hands are in prayer position) on swiss ball and remainder of body is off the ball in a plank position. You will then start to brace the core and push the ball away from you and then back in towards the body. ¬†DSC_6500¬†modified version –>DSC_6508

3. Plank feet tap outs: option 1: tapping foot to ground —>DSC_6524

option 2:¬†bringing leg out to the side and not touching the ground —>DSC_6527


4. KB circles: start by holding the horns of the KB, and then whichever direction you choose to start with, slowly circle your way around with the KB in your hand and move slowly in order to engage all of the abdominal muscles.  DSC_6510DSC_6511


5. Side jackknife with ball btw legs with DB or Kettlebell for extra oomph.DSC_6537DSC_6542



Core Workout: Do this TODAY! (2-3 rounds total)

Jackknife/pike: 10 repetitions each 

Prayer pose: 30 seconds

Plank feet tap outs: 10 reps each leg or 30 seconds

KB circles: 10-12 reps each direction 

Side jackknife with ball btw legs and (optional DB or KB in hand): 10 repetitions each side

Good luck and let me know how those abs feel!





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