Want a strong, sexy and more defined Back in 2016?! Incorporate JBrauzFit’s 6 favorite Back exercises into your routine 1/3/16

Happy 2016!

Here’s to health, happiness, and unleashing that inner most badass, super strong and confident self in 2016!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I see a woman with a strong,sexy, and beautiful back, I’m like dayyyyum. That is why I wanted to share 6 of MY favorite back exercises with you!

Here are JBrauzFit’s 6 Favorite Back Exercises:

  1.  Chinups/Pullups: These are by far my favorite. Not only is this a killer compound exercise (it incorporates back, shoulders, abs and arms!), but think of how empowering it feels to get that chin over the bar? If pullups or chinups are a goal of yours for 2016, remember practice, practice, practice.  Can’t do a chinup just yet? Don’t fret! I would certainly start by nailing down inverted rows and seated rows first..and then slowly work up to it! Use a box to help assist you or a body band…I prefer these —>  Body Bands

pullup pic from Vasa

2. Inverted Rows: These are definitely rated high on my fave back exercises, AND are a great way to strengthen the back in order to accomplish that first chinup! You can do these with TRX straps, a barbell, or even a tree branch outside! Start by holding onto the straps, arms fully extended,  with palms facing one another or in a supinated position (palms facing upward). You will then in a controlled manner start to pull your chest toward the handles while exhaling your breath. Make sure to brace your core and glutes while doing so. You want your body to travel to the straps as one unit. Keep your arms in close to your sides like you don’t want someone to tickle you! On your way back to the starting position you will inhale.

3. Deadlifts: Mmmmm this exercise is just a killer full body exercise and I absolutely LOVE them! I especially love how it strengthens the upper/lower back AND booty for sure. Remember when doing the conventional deadlift to drop the butt down ( I know, I’m still working on this myself!), keep the arms long, brace the core, and root your feet into the ground.

deadlift pr

4. Single Arm Row (or One Arm Dumbbell Row): This is a great unilateral exercise that you can use a DB, Kettlebell, or weight plate with. Just remember even though this may SEEM like an easy exercise, many people tend to butcher it. You will want to start on the lighter side with your weight first in order to master this exercise and then work your way up. This is a great exercise for strengthening the lats (latissimus dorsi), mid and lower traps and definitely the core!

5. T-Bar Row: This is one of my favvvvvs for working those mid traps! You also work the lats, posterior deltoids, and the lower back as well. While many gyms will have different setups, the one that I am mostly talking about is where you set up the most appropriate weight that you can lift on the bar first, then you will step onto the foot pads, bending your knees, keeping that chest open, overhand grip on the bar handles, and then row the bar up and toward the chest while letting out a good exhale. Once you pull the bar into the chest, hold it there for a second while squeezing your back muscles. Then in a controlled manner slowly lower the bar back down to arms fully extended, while inhaling.

6. Seated Cable Row: For this exercise you will use a low pulley cable machine. Typically I prefer the V-handle bar, but you can use other bars or handles as well. You will sit upright on the bench with good posture and chest open, knees are slightly bent, arms will be fully extended to start. You will then exhale your breath as you pull the V handle towards the chest. Inhale your breath as you fully extend your arms back to the starting position.


Alright there ya have it! My top 6 favorite back exercises that I like to do at the gym! Now show everyone who’s back is BOSS.


Working dat back like whoa,


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  93. Nice job there! I’m also glad that Sietse’s always alert in giving responses to commentators. Good job! One more thing Who do you think would be the best 007 next to Craig?

  94. Deb "…survived by an adult." The quote you shared from the book really struck me. I have a group of friends that I enjoy creating with about once a month. And in many ways we become little kids again. Each of us regards the other's work as art, but we each individually do not see ourselves as artists. I think that Vein of Gold is coming to my bookshelf very soon.

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  99. My sweet Elaine,I just love you. You are a blessing. God sent me to you today because He knew I needed to know He is a "there" God. I almost cried as I knew I needed that word. I just needed to know He is in Nebraska with me. He is whereever I am. Thank you my sweet friend for blessing my heart. I hope you know I pray for you daily. I don't make it by for tea as often I like, but you are never far.love and hugsTammy (tealady)

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  105. Acck! I’m late again. I always come late to everything.This post really resonates with me. Somehow it brings back that 9/11 feeling. It is bittersweet that it was shortly after 9/11 that my friendship with you really began, Mary! My next book Scandalizing the Ton, due out also in October 2008 (!)was inspired by the intense paparazzi interest in poor Britney Spears and the media furor over poor Anna Nicole Smith. I got to thinking, what if a regency lady was under such media scrutiny? Susan W, I know my interest in having soldiers for heroes stems from being an Army brat! so I can relate.

  106. You're welcome ma'am! *smile*@AD Well if it will makes the zombies happy..then..I guess I should, huh?@Chris Thanks. It's always fun to give blog love.@Douglas You know when you and your bro become famous? I'm gonna be the first one who contacts TMZ and say, "I knew Philip and Douglas when…" heh heh heh@Em I so totally hear you! Yes…a blog is another "adult" voice in the room…a most welcome one at that!@Skye Thanks! Oh, another vote to use the zombie award. Hmm. *smile*

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  109. Thank you so much for putting into words what I feel every day (except the move). The joyful moments and the overwhelming moments. Yes, my blog does make me feel vunerable. But it has become an extension of my life and that vunerability helps me grow. When I feel that I’m not good enough I go to my “go-to-guy,” my husband. He’s my anchor and puts everything in perspective for me.

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