Working that BOOOOTY. [Workout Wednesday!] 1/27/16

Oh heyyy guys.

Just thought I would give you another booty workout, because who doesn’t like to have a nice assset 😉

Remember to get a nice dynamic warmup in 1st, including some foam rolling.

  1. Dynamic stretches: 5 squat to stands, 5 hip flexor/openers each leg, 10 leg swings ( forward/back, side to side), 10 hip circles each direction, 5 bird dogs each side, 10 clamshells each leg
  2. Foam roll- calves, hamstrings, glutes, IT band, quads, back

Booootiful Booty Workout!

3 Sets: (Cycle through 1a and then 1b, three times before moving onto 2a)

1a. plank with Leg lift: 10-12 reps each legiphone pics 1.7.16 553

1b. Box jumps: 5-8 reps totalbox jumps


3 Sets: (Cycle through 2a, 2b and 2c, three times before moving onto 3a)

2a. Back Squat: 8-10 repsiphone pics 1.7.16 891

2b. lateral band walks: 10-15 steps one direction iphone pics 1.7.16 893

2c. Neutral grip chin ups: 5 repscropped-iphone-pics-7-0012.jpg


3 Sets: (Cycle through 3a, 3b and 3c, three times before moving onto the optional finisher at the end!)

3a. Barbell Hip Thrusts: 10-12 reps Hip thrust pic

3b. Side plank: 30 sec each sidecropped-Wedding-7.18.15-and-minimoon-489.jpg

3c. Barbell or TRX Inverted Row: 12 repsiphone pics 1.7.16 876

2-3 Sets: (optional finisher!)

4a. Heavy Kettlebell Swings: 30 seciphone pics 1.7.16 029

4b. Sprint on Treadmill at incline 30 sec sprint or Sled Push (30 sec push down/back)! sled pushhh



There you have it! Get sweaty, be safe and prepare for a bodacious backside 🙂




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