*JBrauzfit’s favorite types of cardio* (+ 8 FREE cardio workouts to try out!) 3/23/16

Many times when we think of what we are going to do for our “cardio day” we tend to dread it. Ugh..I have to get on the treadmill again and run 5-6 miles ( trust me I did this ALL the time back in DC and thank god for my headphones and the BRAVO tv station that was hooked up to the treadmill…) or maybe you end up reading a book on the elliptical…

While that may not tend to be my favorite thing to do (at least not anymore)…many of us tend to resort to that because it is easy and you don’t really have to think much when you are doing it. But is it effective?!

In many cases it is, because at least you are moving your body and that is just straight up great right there. But, are you doing it because YOU like it? Or are you doing it because everyone else does… are you getting a good sweat in once you have finished or did you not drip one ounce of sweat once those thirty minutes was up?

First, a bit of JBrauz workout philosophy…if you get some amazing enjoyment out of reading your book on the elliptical, or pumping the 3 lb weights on the bike, then keep it up. I am all about YOU enjoying your workout because that is going to make you consistent with your workouts and getting you in the gym.

However, if you are starting to get a bit frustrated with not seeing many results after doing the routine above..then it might be time to start mixing it up! So below I have included MY favorite types of cardio that get me nice n’ sweaty and I think they may do just the trick for you too! ( BONUS: they aren’t boring!)

Seriously, a girl does not have time to go into her workout dreading it. You should be pumped up (even just a little bit!) and have FUN with it. That’s what it is all about. Challenge yourself with the speeds or incline on the treadmill, race a friend or spouse sprinting up some hills, start making weird noises on the row machine.. 😯 (Okay, maybe don’t do that, but christ that shiz is hard, but so challenging and awesome),  get your kettlebell swing and jump rope on, or even get that booty in the pool! (This is an excellent low impact option for anyone and all levels, really great if you are pregnant!)

JBrauz’s Fav. Types of Cardio: 

  1. Kettlebell Swings & the Row (Erg) Machine

Superset Rowing & Swinging:

Complete 8-10 rounds:

1a) Row 250 m rowing

1b) 15 Heavy KB Swingsiphone pics 1.7.16 029

2. Hill Sprints

Complete 5-10 sprints up a big hill and lightly jog back down to your starting point. Want to make it more challenging? Complete planks (1 min) or side planks (30 sec each side) once you come back down the hill each time  😆

hill sprints


3. Track Sprints

Jog two laps around to  warmup

Complete 8-10 100 meter sprints and jog or walk the roundabouts.

Jog or walk 2 laps to cool down

track sprints


4. Treadmill sprints (Here is a sample fartlek workout!)

Warmup:1-5 min @ speed 5.0-6.0 ( depending on your comfort level)

Min: 5-8- Speed 7.0, incline 0

Min: 8-9-Speed 1.5 or 2.0, incline 0

Min: 9-11-Speed 8.0, incline 0

Min: 11-12-Speed 1.5 or 2.0, incline 0

Min: 12-13- Speed 9.0, incline 0

Min: 13-14- Speed 1.5 or 2.0, incline 0

Min: 15-16-Speed 10.0, incline 0

Min:16-17-Speed 1.5 or 2.0, incline 0

Min: 17-19- Speed 9.0, incline 0

Min: 19-20- Speed 1.5 or 2.0, incline 0

Min:20-23-Speed 8.0, incline 0

Min: 23-25: Speed 1.0, incline 0

Min: 25-30: Continue cooling down if you would like

fartlek face<—-my treadmill fartlek face   😆


5. Hiking

Pick a day (most likely during the weekend) to go and enjoy the outdoors! Especially if you live here in SLC, UT we have lots of lovely and beautiful hiking options to choose from! Here are some of my favs:

  • The Living Room
  • Mt. Timpanogos
  • Desolation Trail to Salt Lake Overlook
  • Lake Blanche
  • Lambs Canyon
  • Mount Olympus

view from living room hike<—-beautiful view from “The Living Room”


6. The Stairmaster (Stepmill)

Here is a sample Interval workout  😎

Warmup:1-5 min-level 5,6, or 7

Min:5-7-Level 10

Min:7-9-Level 2 or 3

Min: 9-11-Level 11

Min:11-13-Level 2 or 3

Min: 13-15-Level 12

Min: 15-17-Level 2 or 3

Min: 17-19: Level 13

Min:19-20: Level 2 or 3

Min: 20:00-20:30-Level 14

Min:20:30-21:00-Level 5

Min:21:00-21:30-Level 15

Min: 21:30-22:00-Level 5

Min: 22-25-Level 2 Cool down


7. Box Jumps & Med Ball Slams

10 Box Jumps

1 Med Ball Slam

9 Box Jumps

2 Med Ball Slams

8 Box Jumps

3 Med Ball Slams

Continue going down the ladder for the box jumps until you reach 1 and continue going up the ladder for the Med Ball Slams until you get to 10! Enjoy 🙂

box jumpmed ball slam 1 med ball slam 2

8. Kettlebell Swings & Jump Rope

Complete 8-12 rounds of the following:

1a) 15 Heavy KB Swings

1b) Jump Rope fast for 30 seconds

Rest 20-30 sec and repeat

** I like to challenge myself by counting how many jumps I can do in 30 seconds and then try to up that number each time I jump rope next..try it and let me know how it goes!**

kb pic

9. SWIM!

I used to swim competitively in college and I will admit I have not gotten my butt in the pool for some time now, but once the weather gets nice out, I do like to occassionally swim at our local pool complex (where I also coach!) and they have a great outdoor pool.

Here is a sample 3,300 Workout

Warmup: 200 free, 100 choice kick, 100 pull

Mini Set: Kicking & Drills

8 x 50 (2 of each stroke)

Odd: Kick/Swim (by 25)

Even Drill/Swim (by 25)

*Main Set*

2 x 100 Fly (50 drill, 50 build to fast) @ 2:00

8x 50 Dolphin Kick with a board @ 1:00

3 x 100 Backstroke (Work the middle 50 fast) @ 2:00

6 x 50 Flutter Kick on Back @ 1:00

1 min rest

4 x 100 Breaststroke (do double pullouts off of each wall) @ 2:15

4 x 50 Breast Kick with a board @ 1:10

5 x 100 Free @ 2:00

Odd: Outside 25’s=fast

Even: Middle 50=fast

2 x 50 flutter kick with a board @ 1:00

100 ez

fly swimmin swim GW girls


Okay hope you enjoy these and let me know if you do one (or all 😉 ) and how it goes! Would love to hear from you.







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