Weak Glutes? Tight Hips? Cranky Knees? Meet my friend Slingy :) 3/15/16

So this is a fun little post that will be narrated by my “friend” Slingy..Slingy is the absolute best and has helped me live a more pain free lifestyle ever since he-she came into my life…

I would like for Slingy to talk a little bit more about how he-she has some great benefits…so without further adieu.

Hi guys! My name is Slingshot, but my friends call me Slingy for short 😉

slingy is everywhere<—–Yup, that’s me! I’m the blue guy… hanging over Mr. BB

I would love to talk to you today about how I can help you with any tight hip pain,cranky knees or activating your glutes. I entered Jess’ life on Christmas Day (I’m so grateful that her sister bought me) and ever since we met it has been love at first sight.

So when Jess opened up me out of the package and tried me on, she was a bit blown away as to how strong I was! Essentially she placed me above her knees and walked a bit… side to side and she was like “holy man, my glutes are burning!”. I was like “a-HA” you think I’m good when you do lateral walks…well you should try me when you hip thrust, squat or even do a pushup!

So, she decided to give me a whirl on all of those other exercises and decided I was too good to be true that she outta share me with her friends! (Her clients…;) )

SO let me just tell you why I’m awesome and why I should be your friend as well…

My benefits:

  1. Hip/Glute Activation– I’ll get your glutes burning (in a good way!) and it will feel oh so amazing. Many people have trouble firing their glutes, so I’m a sure way to help you out there! I really like to work the gluteus medius- the muscle responsible for abducting the hip. By strengthening the glute medius, you are working on stabilizing the hip and helping to maintain proper tracking in the knee joint, which reduces lateral stress on the knee.
  2. Knee Joint Stabilization– Feel like your knees cave in when you do a squat? or they are just a bit wobbly…well tell those cranky knees that I will help you out 🙂 Above anything, I don’t want you to injure yourself or receive an ACL injury!
  3. I’m versatile and I travel very well. Take me anywhere, especially on vacation or when traveling for work!

Exercises to do with me:

  1. Clamshells (I am pretty powerful though, and make this one a bit harder for you!) clamshells and slingy
  2. Glute Bridgesbanded hip thrusts
  3. Hip Thrustship thrust and slingyslingy and laura
  4. Lateral Band Walksiphone pics 1.7.16 893
  5. Standing External Rotations (Push knees out against the band-I typically will have my clients do lateral band walks and then after 10 steps each way they will do 10-15 standing Hip External Rotations! These ones reallllyyy scorch the booty!)standing hip ext rotations and slingystanding hip ext rotations and slingy 2
  6. Monster Stepsmonster steps 1 monster steps 2
  7. Squat with bandsquats and slingy

Okay, there you have it! I hope you see why I am beneficial to have in your life and JBrauz tells me that her clients rave about me all the time and many times will ask where I am if I’m not in my designated drawer! Gosh, I guess I am pretty important.

If you are looking to purchase me…you can click on my image below 🙂 (for reference, I’m an original large)


Hope I enter your life at some point!



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