**Facing your fears!** 4/2/16

Happy Saturday to you all!

So sorry to be getting this out late to you all. I spent Easter last weekend with my family and then had to take a last minute trip to Florida this past week with my husband due to a family member’s passing. It has been quite a week.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on an important lesson that I learned/am still learning to work on from last weekend. Facing. your.fears.

So, I haven’t really told this to many people but 1) for the past couple of years I have been quite fearful when it comes to getting on the ski slopes (especially the ones out here!) and 2) I’m super afraid of heights (like so afraid, that I have to put the chairlift bar down everytime we get on it, or if it doesnt have one I have to keep myself super preoccupied with something else in the meantime. Sometimes, I’m so afraid…that some tears will come to my eyes. Yeah, not an exaggeration.

So of course when my family came to town (which was a combined ski/sib trip!) I knew I had to somewhat mentally prepare myself. {Side note: Okay so just to give you a little background, growing up as a little one my parents had us skiing quite a bit, we were going down the ski slopes in Upstate NY (mind you that aren’t as tough as the ones out here), BUT my dad still reminds me to this day as to how adventurous, fast, and fearless I was going down the slopes..) I’m sure I was probably that kid cutting people off too..sorry! so my sisters and I have some background in skiing.

Well, my younger sis and her boyfriend came to town, along with my older sis, her hubby and their adorable son Potsy! So my younger sis hasn’t skiied in 15 + years and as soon as we got on the ski slopes she was like “Okay guys we need to make a trip down the bunny hill first”, and I’m like “yup, sounds great to me!”. So we all did that to help “ease” her into it along with anyone else who may have not skiied for the past month or so..Afterwards, she was like “Okay, I’m ready let’s go do something else”. and now all of a sudden we go from one trip down a bunny hill to now venturing onto the harder runs and sheesh I’m not prepared for this.

So, sure enough my younger sis Lib just starts cruising down the runs with somewhat of an ease (a bit better than how I was doing!), and everyone else is just killing it. Not a fear in the world. So I’m just impressed. Impressed because they have that mind over matter.

They don’t approach it ” thinking they are going to twist their knee, and need to end up working with a physical therapist later on” but rather learn to relax their mind and in turn that helps to relax their body as they are going down the runs. So here I am in “total freak out mode” and I literally can’t handle it. I am squatting the whole way down the mountain, quads are burning like none other and it’s just not as enjoyable to me. So I put on a pity party for my self and decide to take a break.

After I take a break inside, (I’m still having an internal dilemma as to whether or not to go back out mind you), I decide to give it another chance. I go down again and once again take the “easier” routes and head down. I think at this point the rest of my family has gone and ventured down numerous harder runs and having the best time (which I’m happy about! I want them to enjoy every second of it!).

But then they come down the mountain again and say “omg we just went down this gully and you have to try it” so while a part of me is thinking “eh no”, I decide to pursue it! I decide in that moment that I want to conquer my fears ( well somewhat, in a slower manner 😉 ) so I end up going down it with the rest of them and have such a blast! It really was so fun and just being able to experience it with my family was great.

skiing with the fam 2016skiing with the fam 2016 2

So from this I just want you to realize that 1) it is okay to be fearful 2) YOU need to be the one to decide when you want to overcome to conquer that fear. Don’t let others peer pressure you or tell you c’mon you’re such a wuss if you don’t do it. YOU need to decide on your own if that is the correct path you want to take. That is exactly what happened for me, I was spending a lot of time in fear the whole time ( well also my form is not great, but that’s another story), and after listening to how they all felt about that run and making me feel comfortable I decided to pursure it for myself. No peer pressure at all.

So this weekend or sometime soon: go and conquer a fear that you may have! Maybe it’s hiking, maybe you want to lift a little heavier, or maybe you decide to keep the bar up on the chairlift 😉 Choose something, big or small. But I want YOU to decide when that happens. Maybe you will be happy once you have done it as well 🙂


Enjoy the rest of your weekend,




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