Tabata, gonna change ya bata? *The 4 MINUTE FAT LOSS Workout* 4/27/16

Yes, bata=body ūüėČ

4 minutes, eh? Yup, that’s all that this workout consists of and it might, just might, kick your bata.

Well, that’s at least what happened on Monday..and yesterday as well…

On Monday I decided I was going to give tabata another go round, since I had not done it in quite some time..and was feelin’ like giving a little extra love to the barbell front squat. SOO..I (luckily!) was able to snag a co-worker from my gym and get him to (*hehehe*) do the little tabata workout with me (this girl didn’t want to do it on her own!). (I also learned he had not done front squats since oh *high school*) so he was definitely feelin’ it both during the workout and the next day as well..

So anyway, I was thinking “yeah, jess you can probably do 75lbs for these”…and well that idea was pretty much squashed right away before we even I was like “okay, definitely 65 lbs and you can just bang out the reps in 20 sec”…oh yes, ms. cocky again! ( granted I was able to get about 3-20 second rounds¬†in…), I certainly realized 55lbs was going to be my final number for the remaining 5 rounds… and boy was that TOUGH. Like, seriously. If you don’t think so, give it a try. Oh and count the number of reps you do for each 20 second round and see if you can keep that same number or try to up it.

After we did that 4 minute fat loss workout, we decided to burn our shoulders (and shooooosh we certainly did) with push presses, pushups, weight plate frontal raises, arnold presses, lateral raises and this crazy 2 minute burn he decided to put me through after ALL THAT.

tabata funny¬†(<— me exactly.)

AND THENNNN yesterday¬†my workout partner from Monday decided to put me through ANOTHER tabata workout and had me complete 8 rounds of “seated incline bicep curls” and whadayaknow I started out with 15 lbers and quickly transitioned to the beautiful 10’s and 5’s right nearby…

Okay, you’re probably like great great nice to hear about your workouts bro (bra for a female?!) , but what actually IS Tabata?!

pinot says cool story bro¬†“Cool Story Bro” (This is our lovely queen Pinot beeteedubs)


So Tabata Training is considered ¬†“High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) which consists of 20 seconds of¬†hard¬†work,10 seconds rest, ¬†and completing it for 8 rounds. (That’s how it adds up to 4 minutes…)

You can choose 1 exercise, 2, 4 or however many you want!

The workout was invented by a Japanese physician and researcher “Dr. Izumi Tabata” who conducted a study using the 20/10 Interval based training model. He compared two groups ( the control group did more of an moderate intensity type exercise) and the Tabata¬†group did the¬†high intensity¬†style training. He found that the tabata group improved both of their aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and that their anaerobic fitness level increased by 28%, whereas, the control¬†group did not improve anaerobically.

With that being said, is this a workout for everyone? No, not necessarily. Please use precautionary measures before beginning a workout you are unsure of!

How often should you do this workout? I would start out 1-2 x’s a week and see how that feels, and I think the “tabata pro” app is quite awesome and you should definitely download it. I also use my pink “gym boss” and that tends to do the trick as well ūüôā ¬†tabata propink gym boss


Okay, here are three workouts for you to try on your own! GOOD LUCK, be safe, and get sweaty ūüėČ

Workout #1:

Front Squat (Barbell or 2 Kettlebells held in “racked position”) 8 rounds, 20 sec hard work, 10 sec rest


Complete 8 rounds of the following:

  1. Pushups 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
  2. Jump Squats 20 sec work, 10 sec rest

Workout #3:

Sprints OR KB Swings ( vary the pounds you use after completing 8 rounds, so 25# for the 1st round of 8, 35# for 2nd round of 8…)

Sprint on Treadmill for 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest, complete 8 rounds ( if you are feeling extra sprint hungry, mix it up and do 8 rounds at 1 speed, 8 rounds at another speed, and 8 rounds at 2 other speeds!

Speed 6.4: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest ( complete 8 rounds)

Speed 7.0: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest (” “)

Speed 9.0: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest (” “)

Speed 7.5: 20 sec hard, 10 sec rest (” “)



Happy Tabata’ng,


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