I ate all the baguettes, breakfast pastries, and cheese in the South of France! #aintnoshame 5/27/16

Hey guys!

Wow, I’ve been pretttty MIA lately…but I have a good reason, I swear.

I went on week and a half long family trip to the South of France visiting many splendid places (including Marseille, Monaco, St. Tropez, Nice, Maillane, St. Remy de Provence, Gordes, Avignon, Cassis, and Chateaneuf du Pape, hopefully I didn’t forget one!) and eating any and all of the local delicacies they had.

It was the most amazing trip ever (minus the fact that our little sister wasn’t there with us…) We missed you Bibs!

Anyway, I just want to say that I ate everything that I wanted and more while on the trip and didn’t give a **** about it! Yup.

Baguettes, breakfast pastries ( specifically ones that were sugarcoated beignet type and nutella filled!) <—*holy mother effer*, lamb, veal, sausage,back of rabbit,bouillabaisse, ESCARGOT, duck pate, mushroom pate, any kind of pate, chocolate souflee, scallops and risotto, chocolate icecream (4x’s at least!), stinky cheese, goat cheese, ham and cheese crepes, gummy candies,WINE and baguettes..oh shit did I say that one already? I think that one was everyday..


South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 034 (<— profiteroles were to die for! a tasty dessert our first night in Marseille!)South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 066(<—thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with escargot!)

South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 072(<—just one of the many times that I had a glass of wine in my hand!)

South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 099 (<—icecream in Monaco, because who doesn’t like icecream while watching fast cars race by… )

South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 126South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 334South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 414South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 426South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 346South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 398South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 457South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 033South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 023South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 454South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 116


My point is..I didn’t let my own body, the weight it is currently at; and the idea of  restricting myself to only “healthy food options” control me while on the trip. I let me be me for the past two weeks and I’m SO okay with that. In fact, I gained 4 lbs total during the trip and I am pretty damn happy with that. I went into it knowing, 1) hey jess you’re probably not going to work out (I did one day!, and well walking around the different cities and towns certainly counts as well!), 2) you’re going to enjoy a crap ton of delicious food and wine while you’re there, (YUP) and 3) life is still going to continue where you left off when you get back and you can get back on track when you’re ready. Okay, cool thanks life (fist pump).

So, overall it was such a lovely time and definitely a food and wine filled trip and I have no regrets! Sometimes you need to take time for yourself and ENJOY life.


South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 184South of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 234GordesSouth of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 203St. Remy de ProvenceSouth of France Trip with the fam 5.10.16 286Boat Tour of the Calanques in Cassis








7 Cues to a Better Goblet Squat (+ a KB Swing & Goblet Squat Workout to Try!) 5/3/16

Ahh the goblet squat! What a wonderful exercise to help you progress to a loaded barbell squat… I’m a big fan of the goblet squat. Why?

Well, it is typically more user friendly for any fitness level AND like I just mentioned above it’s a good beginner squat variation.

The goblet squat is a front loaded, holding a weight in the “goblet” position exercise, that helps one to work on deepening their range of motion, as well as challenging their own fitness level depending on the weight they choose to hold out front.

Whenever I start working with my clients and they are having a hard time with squatting, goblet squats are typically prescribed as part of their workout regimen.

goblet squattttcropped-goblet-squat1.jpggoblet squat 70 lbs

Here are 7 cues to help you with the goblet squat.

  1. Start with bodyweight or a light weight FIRST. Don’t try and load up with a 50lb Kettlebell at first and wonder how the hell you are going to push yourself back up to the starting position. Be sensible and safe.
  2. Keep the chest up. Holding a weight in the “goblet” position out in front of your chest is going to be a good reminder to maintain good posture and not to hunch your shoulders as you lower yourself into the squatting position.
  3. Maintain a neutral spine and good head alignment. This one follows along with #2 in that when you lower down into the squat position maintaining a good neutral head and spine alignment is going to be key for maintaing good form as well as preventing any lower back pain or injury.
  4. Push the elbows out against the knees. As you are lowering yourself down into the squat position you can push your elbows  out against the inside part of your knees in order to help prevent your knees from caving in as you return to the starting position. When the knees cave in it is called “Knee Valgus” and that is no bueno.
  5. Inhale for the lower, exhale on the up. Think about exhaling for the “harder” part of the exercise. You will inhale your breath as you lower down into the squat and then exhale as you drive your heels into the ground and push back up to the starting position.
  6. Tighten your core. Keeping your core braced (the front part of your body along with the sides and back) is not only helping to protect your spine, but allows you to maintain good posture during the exercise as well.
  7. Squuuuueeeeeze that tush at the top. In order to activate those glutes and to help that bootay grow, you need to squeeze that booty at the top of the exercise each time! Think about pinching a penny between those butt checks 😉


Now that you have 7 cues to a better goblet squat, try this little KB Swing and Goblet Squat Workout. [Remember to be safe and smart and don’t load up too heavy in the beginning, especially if you haven’t done this exercise too much! ]

*Complete 2 reps, 4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2*

1a) Kettlebell Swings

1b) Goblet Squats


Happy Squatting,