*Dynamic Warmup!* {What to do before your workout!} 6/29/16

Hi all,

So I just want to talk about the importance of a dynamic warmup for just a sec. I think it is important to prep your body before you start your workout and especially to prevent any injuries from occurring. While some movement is better than none, I do think it is wise to include some of the exercises listed below into your pre-workout routine.

Here are some benefits to a dynamic warmup:

  1. Reduce the risk of injury
  2. Prepares the body for peak performance
  3. Increases the blow flow to your muscles
  4. Increases your muscles core temperature


Your Pre-workout routine should take about 5-10 minutes and include some of the following.

  1. Foam rolling: Some good areas to roll out include: 1)calves, 2)hamstrings, 3)glutes (piriformis), 4)adductors, 5)IT band, 6)quads, 7) shoulders & back (I would take about 30 sec to 1 min on each muscle group depending on the area that may need a little more lovin’!)

roll out calvesroll out hamstringsroll out glutes (piriformis)roll out inner thighroll out IT bandroll out quads roll out back (The pictures are in order for the different muscle groups listed above!)

Dynamic Stretches: Complete 6-10 reps (each side if applicable) of the following exercises, one cycle through should suffice, if you don’t feel totally prepared, you can cycle through again.

  1. Reach throughsreach throughs 1 reach throughs 2
  2. Cat-Cow and/or Bird Dogs (opp. arm and leg reach)

cat-cow-posebird dogs

3. Hip Circles hip circles

4. Clamshells clamshells

5. Glute Bridges  glute bridges

5. Squat to Stands squat to stand 1 squat to stand 2

6. Yoga Plexyoga plex 3 yoga plex 1 yoga plex 2

7. Internal Rotation/Scapular Retraction for Shoulders internal rotation shoulders 2 internal rotation shouldersscap retraction work( <– think about pinching shoulder blades together like there is an imaginary pen in between them!)

8. PVC Pipe (good for shoulder mobility/flexibility, please be smart and don’t overdo, also ask for help if not sure how to do this one!)

pvc pipe 1 pvc pipe 2 pvc pipe 3


Yoga Plex/ Squat to Stand Video


Those are great exercises to do before you strength train. Also if doing “leg day” I would incorporate some leg swings (front and back, side to side) along with either some jump squats or box jumps. If doing an “upper body day” I would include either regular pushups, clap pushups for some power, or some scapular pushups. Remember to be smart and do the pre-workout exercises that YOU can do.



Okay Happy Training!



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