Prioritize this #1 thing for fat loss this summer… 6/10/16

Ahh summer has come upon us quite quickly and now the inevitable..”omg am I going to look good in a swim suit” or “errr what are those dimples on my butt and legs, is that cellulite?!”

Not that I am saying we can’t try and better ourselves, or try and work toward our own personal health and wellness goals, but by constantly having this “negative self-talk” and degrading ourselves and our bodies…well, we might be doing more harm than good.

Instead of obsessing and stressing over a certain part of our body this summer, let’s try focusing MORE on quality sleep. That is our number one priority. Now sure, I will give you a couple more things to focus on as well to lose some body fat, however, sleep is overlooked many times.

You might be thinking..” oh great Jess is saying I can’t go to “X,Y,Z’s” party now because I have to be #grandmastatus or #grandpastatus and go to bed at 7pm everynight”..UM, no not exactly.

I am saying prioritize your sleep by getting at least 7-10 hours for 4-5 x’s/week for the following reasons..


  1. Lose body fat while you sleep! You are essentially fasting for 8-10 hours. If you stop eating at say 8pm…and hit the sack by 9…and wake up by 6, then that right there is 10 hours that you have fasted. *GOLDEN*
  2. Lack of Sleep= increased daytime cortisol levels. Cortisol is up=stress=increase in body fat.
  3. Carb CRAVINGS the next day. Ever notice when you go out to a party and have wayyy too much to drink you end up craving that pizza late at night or maybe even a fast food drive thru? NO? Just me? K, cool. Well, the same happens the next day when our sleep schedule is out of whack and you went to bed at 4am and then you wake up and you are like mustttt haveeee a bagel. (or whatever your go-to hungover item is). Well essentially our hormones get a little out of whack and our energy is low so we decide that carbs are our best friend that day. Well, no bueno. Not that I don’t love carbs, I truly do. However, if fat loss is a goal of yours then going out every weekend,staying out super late, and not getting any sleep is not going to be so great for that waistline.
  4. Oh and don’t let your friends/spouse/whomever make you feel bad about getting to bed early. When you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world, then you can say..told you so! (I seriously love getting to bed early now whenever I can)

So my dears, if there is one thing that can help to relax you toward fat loss this summer, just.hit.the.sack. Do your typical bedtime routine, maybe light some incense before you go to sleep, put some essential oils on your wrists, neck or whatever, take 5 deep breaths ( inhale for 3 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds), read a book.

Once you feel like your sleep is in check, or you have already gotten a good handle on that…how about focusing on these other things as well.

  1. Sleep
  2. Stress levels 
  3. Quality food choices, heavy on the protein and veggie intake at every meal. Carbs? Sure! More carb intake= heavy strength training days, not strength training? Minimize your carbohydrate intake. {Think you are okay with your nutrition? Start tracking how many calories you eat each day either by using myfitnesspal or a journal and you might be suprised by some extra calories that are sneaking in and causing fat gain. }
  4. Alcohol intake. Eeeeeek, I said it. Yes I know! However, I find whenever my body fat is going up it is *mostly* centered around my alcohol intake being much higher…as soon as I get that down or really limit it…that’s when your body fat will go down. {Okay and yes I DO want you to enjoy your summer, hell I am going to, especially before starting grad school..), but just be cognizant of how much you are consuming and cut back if you find your fat loss is at a standstill. Not a drinker? Look at whatelse you may be drinking…soda? sugary juices? Make sure you limit that as well or totally cut it out. Orange juice=soooo many oranges, and 1 orange= 1 orange, so stick with the non-juice drinks or the regular fruit in non liquid form..mmm k.
  5. Movement. I put this one last? Insanityyyy. Yup, I want you to focus on the 4 other things listed above BEFORE you go crazy on this one. As soon as we start overtraining…our bodies get super stressed..and then our cortisol goes up..and bam, our body fat increases. So try and stick with this template: 3-4 Strength Training Days, 1-2 Moderate Intensity Days ( 3-4 mile run, swim, soccer..), 1 HIIT Day or Yoga Day and then 1 RELAX day.


OH and one last thing…there is no “perfect bikini body”. Embrace your beautiful, quirky, funky, badass and awesome self. You do YOU.

Enjoy your summer.





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