sometimes you just need to have a good ole play session! 6/3/16

Hey guys!

So last week I was chatting with two of my clients and asked..”so what do you two want to focus on next week?” and one of them responded with “gymnastics!! especially handstands! I just want to play..handstands, headstands..maybe cartwheels?” and I responded with OH hell YES.

Granted,(I am not a gymnastics coach, thank you very much!), but the fact that my clients wanted to do something different… something a little more out of the ordinary from our typical session… made me SO happy.

I just loved that they wanted to play. One of them had grown up doing gymnastics as a youngster and wanted to get back into it…

So, when we had our session, we just experimented and PLAYED. We started out with some good old stop, drop and rolls. Yup, some somersaults..boy haven’t done those in forever and they are kinda hard!..then we continued on with some rolling deck squats, and then some cartwheels! Had a lovely discussion on how you tend to favor starting on your non-dominant side for the cartwheel…so for instance..I’m a lefty and I started with my right hand for the cartwheel…we weren’t really sure as to why that was..any of my gymnast readers know why?!

Then we continued onto “roundoffs”, essentially where you do a cartwheel and then land with both feet at the same time. SO fun.

Afterwards we played around with crow pose to work on some arm balances, and then got into headstands and handstands against a wall.

One of the girls found that when I said “1,2,3, kick” before she started her handstand that it helped her out alot. I appreciated that because it is similar to doing a deadlift or a squat where a specific cue will help you to accomplish that particular move.

I just want to say that I had the best time with these girls and they are pretty radass. They got a little bit out of their comfort zone and sometimes that is what we need to not only get stronger physically, but also mentally.

handstands Leela and Jess

If you are not having a good day and need to get a good laugh in…seriously go back to your inner kid. Go to the playground and get on some SWINGS, go swing across the monkey bars, try out some handstands or headstands against a wall ( please be careful!), get all of your friends and play that red rover game in a park or play tag. WHATEVER it is just go outside ( or even stay in) and release your inner kid. Laugh, have fun, goof off, life is too short.


Love youuuuu,


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