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Who am I?611

Hi! My name is Jess Brauzer. I am a certified personal trainer, swim coach, blogger and nature enthusiast. Originally born and raised in Upstate NY who has lived in Salt Lake City for the past 2 1/2 years now with her husband Andrew.  A true lover of the Adirondack mountains, but has easily adjusted to the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City. You can typically find me drinking an americano or wine depending on the time of day, coercing my husband into doing hill sprints with me, or pampering my cat like she was my first born child.

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Three words to describe me may be: tough, strong-minded and personable. I am always itching to learn new things that will not only help me to succeed, but will greatly benefit others as well. I am a true believer in being a goofball and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations every once in a while.

I have been an ACSM certified personal trainer since 2011, however, ever since I was a child fitness and wellness have been a big part of my life. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and competed at the collegiate level at the George Washington University.  My family called me “hardknocks” growing  up…let’s just say I was one tough cookie-falling down the stairs from time to time, wrestling wars with my sisters, and getting our family standard poodle riled up all the time… In all seriousness, I LOVED and still love being athletic. I love to sweat, I love being challenged by a grueling workout, i love dancing with my sisters and my mom, and I LOVE working with people, no matter what that end goal is in mind.

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What is JBrauzFit?

JbrauzFit is a site where women can find that inner strength within themselves. It’s where they can relate to those certain situations that made them laugh, made them feel uncomfortable or brings them back to certain childhood memories.

It is a site where we will simplify your eating habits, you will be so empowered to lift up a heavy weight, and maybe you will even dance a little bit. (maybe?) 😉

I want you to feel comfortable with what works best for YOU. You can drink your wine and eat your chocolate without feeling guilty about yourself.

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I want to connect with you. Let’s get started…




The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Bachelor of Arts-Major:  Psychology      Minor:  Spanish

Certified Personal Trainer

American College of Sports Medicine

Swim Coach

USA Swimming