sometimes you just need to have a good ole play session! 6/3/16

Hey guys!

So last week I was chatting with two of my clients and asked..”so what do you two want to focus on next week?” and one of them responded with “gymnastics!! especially handstands! I just want to play..handstands, headstands..maybe cartwheels?” and I responded with OH hell YES.

Granted,(I am not a gymnastics coach, thank you very much!), but the fact that my clients wanted to do something different… something a little more out of the ordinary from our typical session… made me SO happy.

I just loved that they wanted to play. One of them had grown up doing gymnastics as a youngster and wanted to get back into it…

So, when we had our session, we just experimented and PLAYED. We started out with some good old stop, drop and rolls. Yup, some somersaults..boy haven’t done those in forever and they are kinda hard!..then we continued on with some rolling deck squats, and then some cartwheels! Had a lovely discussion on how you tend to favor starting on your non-dominant side for the cartwheel…so for instance..I’m a lefty and I started with my right hand for the cartwheel…we weren’t really sure as to why that was..any of my gymnast readers know why?!

Then we continued onto “roundoffs”, essentially where you do a cartwheel and then land with both feet at the same time. SO fun.

Afterwards we played around with crow pose to work on some arm balances, and then got into headstands and handstands against a wall.

One of the girls found that when I said “1,2,3, kick” before she started her handstand that it helped her out alot. I appreciated that because it is similar to doing a deadlift or a squat where a specific cue will help you to accomplish that particular move.

I just want to say that I had the best time with these girls and they are pretty radass. They got a little bit out of their comfort zone and sometimes that is what we need to not only get stronger physically, but also mentally.

handstands Leela and Jess

If you are not having a good day and need to get a good laugh in…seriously go back to your inner kid. Go to the playground and get on some SWINGS, go swing across the monkey bars, try out some handstands or headstands against a wall ( please be careful!), get all of your friends and play that red rover game in a park or play tag. WHATEVER it is just go outside ( or even stay in) and release your inner kid. Laugh, have fun, goof off, life is too short.


Love youuuuu,


Soo honored to be featured on WellnessWinz “3 Elite Trainers’ Advice for the Holidays” 12/7/15

Hi loves!

Happy Monday to all! I hope everyone had such a lovely weekend.

I had dinner and wine with some friends Friday night, got in a somewhat errrrrr good strength sesh on Saturday, ate some REALLY good japanese food at night (KOKO’s Kitchen is  my husband and my new fav here in SLC if you live here 🙂 ) Got our adorable little 5 foot Christmas tree (mmmm love the smell of Christmas!) ) And then Sunday did a little Christmas shopping! OH. and forgot to mention..Friday I went out of my comfort zone and stuck my hand down the garbage disposal. hahahaha.

strict press pic   christmas tree    beanie husband

What did YOU do this weekend? Did you get out of your comfort zone however small it may have been?!?! Feel free to respond to this post and let me know. Would love to hear!

Oh and one last thing ;)….my good friend Maggie, (colleague from a previous presitigous sports club that I trained clients at- The Sports Club LA/DC) has featured me in her wellness holiday article today from!

If you would like to check it out please click here! —>

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Happy Monday,


Declutter the negative energy out of your life 11/20/15

Happy Friday lovelies!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous week and is getting pumped for a great holiday coming up! I know I am, I LOVE to spend time with my family and it is even more special to us since we all live fairly far apart from each other.

Thinking about my family and friends really got me thinking about how grateful I am to have them in my life. They mean so much to me and they bring me happiness.

With that being said, what is it OR who is it that makes you happy? Are there certain people in your life right now that absolutely stress you out? Maybe they get on your last nerve or they post such annoying topics on facebook that you clench your fists so hard everytime you scroll and see their post..

Whatever or whoever that is, get rid of it. No, don’t call them up and start bitching them out, but rather defriend them, talk to them about how you have decided to go down different paths, or just simply move on.


Right now I want you to do four things.

1-defriend 5-10 people on facebook that either irk you with their annoying posts and/or you just don’t necessarily need in your life.

2-Text,Call, email or write a letter to that one person in your life that TRULY brings you happiness and you just haven’t talked to in a while.

3-Do a happy dance in front of the mirror to one of your favorite flashback friday favorites- aka  Boyz II Men “Motown Philly” or Salt n Peppa’s “Push it”- turn it up REALLY loud, and just go crazy. Hell, I tend to dance with my clients from time to time in the gym…and to NO music…

4-Lastly, love yourself a little more. I know, this may be difficult from time to time but work on loving YOUR body. Look at yourself in the mirror (naked, bikini or not) and say “I love you”. I know you might giggle or be like “is she fo real?”, but in all seriousness when we repeat those kind words to ourselves we learn to be more accepting of ourselves and others.

I hope that by decluttering the negative energy out of your life; whether it is people, work, or a certain stressor that you feel SO much better, and have gained some positive space that can be filled with so many happy things.


Once you have done 1 OR 4 of the four items mentioned above, do this awesome core/shoulder workout. It will make you feel so empowered!

3 rounds:

1-Downward dog leg lift to elbow

**Get into downward dog, lift your left leg, and then pivot to your left elbow- repeat for 10 reps and then switch sides.

2-Side plank knee crunch: 

**get into side plank position- tuck your top leg and your top arm to meet each other then reach it out! Repeat for 10-12 reps each side (modification-put your bottom leg down ( with your knee on the ground-don’t drop the hip!)

3-mountain climbers

**30 seconds ( modification- do these at an incline)

4-leg raises

**lying on the ground- hands under butt, out to the side, or holding onto a stable structure- raise the legs up to 90 degrees and then slowly lower down to about 1-2 inches off the ground- REMEMBER try not to arch your back when doing this exercise ( think about pressing your back into the floor-imagine squishing a bug or pancake with your back!)- if there is any strain in your back- don’t lower so far, tuck your knees, or alternate one leg at a time.


Let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below, share with your friends, or just be super rad like you already are.


PS-****If you have signed up for my email list and have not been receiving the weekly tip emails, please make sure you are checking your spam in case you aren’t receiving the emails!!!!****


Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Strongly yours,



Short on time?! Here are 3 “gettin’ you sweaty” workouts in less than 30 min! 11/17/15

Hi guys!

I hope everyone had a restful and/ or active weekend, whichever was more appropriate and needed for you 🙂 I had a more active weekend consisting of a sweaty deadlift and hip thrust workout sesh on Saturday, followed by a fresh mountain air hike on Sunday up in MillCreek Canyon with the hubs.

IMG_4504J and A hike up Burch Hollow Trail

So now onto today’s theme..time. Many times (or every week day for some) we are hustling around our house or apartment getting our kids ready for school, pouring the coffee into our coffee mug, or kissing our husband goodbye, as we are scrambling to open up the car door with a piece of toast in mouth and ten million items in our hands, and we have just remembered- SHIT– I forgot to workout…ugh-well I’ll do just it later…no biggie.

But do we do it later? Maybe. Maybe not.

Well my dears- that is a very common trend among many of us. We have it in our head that we are going to do our workout that day and then low and behold something comes up OR we’re tired OR I just want that glass of cabernet sauvignon to help me unwind.

That is OKAY. However, if you feel like you keep beating yourself up for not getting your workout in and keep coming up with excuse after the next then NOW is the time to fix it. Not tomorrow, not next week after Thanksgiving’s feast, T.O.D.A.Y. 

Here are some helpful ways to get that workout in.

1Schedule it in your phone or planner (whichever you use)– I get it, I get it, it’s not your doctor’s appointment but treat it like one! Hold yourself accountable and that will truly help.

2Get yourself a workout date! (Make your husband or wife get up with you :), make your friend meet you outside, OR set monthly challenges with husband, wife or friend, and whoever gets that workout in the most that month gets a treat! Your friend, hubby or wife has to be your slave for the following month, HA. I kid…. but seriously- make it a healthy reward and then maybe that will get you amped for the following month’s challenge.

3- Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier. Don’t keep snoozing your alarm either…  Get up, go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water, roll out your yoga mat do 5 min of dynamic stretching and then do a 15 minute dumbbell workout. That’s it, plus you will feel SO much better throughout your day at work or class, especially if you sit all day.

4- Make it fun-involve the whole family. Okay, so I know this sounds cheesy, but involve your husband, wife, teenage daughter or son, and baby in your workout. Turn it into circuits- You do the body weight squats, while the husband does the rows, teenager works his thumb while playing on his iphone, and then baby..well he or she sits back and watches you 😉 Maybe you do some pushups and kiss little Henry everytime you lower down, or you hold onto your little love bug up in the air and do leg raises at the same time. MAKE IT FUN.

Hey, moving and doing something…is better than not moving at all….

And so the other day I was chatting with a client of mine and we were brainstorming what amazing and strong people like YOU would want to read about! One thing that came to mind-shorter, more effective AND sweaty workouts. I was like a-HA. You’re absolutely right. Not everyone has the TIME to get in the gym for an hour at a time ( which you don’t absolutely need to do BTW).

So, that is why I thought I would put together 3 full-body workouts that are less than 30 minutes and would help you get sweaty without leaving your front door. Keep in mind, I do use equipment that I have at home, however I will put in suggestions as to what other equipment you may use if you don’t have equipment such as a TRX, Kettlebell, or mini band.

Here are those 3 workouts and enjoy!  (Please remember to get a dynamic warmup in before and after your workout!) Foam rolling is key.

How to incorporate these into your week? Do all 3 of these workouts and space out a day in between (example: Workout 1- Monday, Workout 2-Wed, Workout 3- Friday)..or pick one of these workouts and do it twice a one of these workouts once a week and do your own thang the rest of the time. Cater it to YOU.

Workout 1:

JBrauzFit’s Quick and Sweaty Kettlebell Workout

10-20 Minutes

4 Exercises: Kettlebell Swings, Thrusters, Rows, Reverse Lunge

Complete 2 reps of each exercise back to back and then rest 30 sec

Complete 4 reps, 6 reps, 8 reps, 10 reps…and THEN if you are feelin’ mighty good…go on back down the ladder..starting with 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps..back to 2.

Hope you enjoy this workout! Feel free to follow along with me I did it for about 10 minutes and then felt scorched! It totally got my heart rate up and feelin’ good-  please don’t mind the many sniffles in the video 🙂

Substitution– Don’t have a kettlebell? Feel free to use a DB (just be careful with the kettlebell swings)- and/ or do body weight hip thrusts instead of the Kettlebell swings and then use a Medium size DB for the rest of the exercises ( ie-12-20 lbs)

Workout 2:

JBrauzFit’s 20 Min. TRX Full body Workout

20 minutes

5 Exercises and 10 repetition of each exercise: Jump Squats or Body weight Squats, Inverted Row, Peter Pan Curtsy Lunge, Pushups, Stir the Pot Plank Abs

Complete 3-4 rounds total OR set your timer for 20 minutes and see how many rounds you can get in!

Substitution: Don’t have TRX suspension straps? Do this as a body weight workout! Do jump Squats or body weight squats (listen to your body), Use a resistance band for the rows or a dumbbell, even using a bath towel and doing an isometric hold with the towel is excellent (isometric is when you have constant tension), for the peter pan lunges- just do body weight curtsy lunges or reverse lunges instead ( feel free to amp them up to jump lunges if you want the extra oomph!) pushups( if you havent’ mastered these- I would suggest you practice doing them at an incline rather than fully horizontal. Do them against your couch.. and lastly for the stir the pot abs- use a swiss ball or put a towel or paper plate on a slippery surface like a kitchen floor and go to townnnnn.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes 🙂

Workout 3:

JBrauzFit and Pinot’s Dumbbell Workout (With a finisher!!)

15-25 minutes

5 sets- 5 reps of each exercise

The Exercises: Squats, Bent over row, Pushups, Lateral Lunge

The Finisher! 2-3 Sets ( or rounds) 30 sec of Dynamic Jump Squats followed by Kettlebell swings

Substitution: Don’t have a mini band or dumbells? Use your body weight or a resistance band to complete the exercises! For the finisher- put a dumbbell between your legs to make it tougher  on the dynamic jump squats or substitute in burpees or jumping jacks 🙂


Well there you have it! 3 Full body workouts to get you movinnnn’ and feelin’ good for the rest of your day. I truly hope you enjoy these workouts and please feel free to comment or share with your friends!

Sweatin’ like whoa,


I did squats, planks,and pushups in my wedding dress..say whaaaaaa?

Yup. You heard that right. 

I got married to the love of my life on July 18, 2015 and it was our perfect day. Our ceremony was at a beautiful natural stone amphitheater in Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC and the reception took place right after at Silver Fork Lodge up in the canyon as well.
Soooo back to the squats, planks and such…we were having such an awesome time at our reception and my beautiful sisters who were my Maids of Honor had just given their speeches and then said “and we have one last thing we would like you to do!” I thought to myself-Ooooo I love suprises, I wonder what it is!
So they had Andrew and I get up and they took us through a little workout…in my WEDDING DRESS. Haha, I was so ready for it and maybe for ONE second did I think my dress was going to rip, but I didn’t care. I had confidence, I liked being the center of attention, and I will do anything to get a workout in 😉

Jess-Andrew-Wed-547-5046  Jess-Andrew-Wed-549-4823Jess-Andrew-Wed-551-4827
SO why did I write this post you may ask? Well…
1) I felt kinda badasss to workout in my dress- kinda like I could do anything in that dress.
2) I don’t care what other people think of me
3) to inspire others to be confident in everything that they do.

I believe confidence is a true indicator of someone who is comfortable in their own skin. They don’t need to ask for compliments, they happily accept a compliment, they are a great listener and don’t let their voice overpower another, and they are willing to make a change if need be.

So if you struggle with confidence, here are 4 helpful solutions that worked for me.

  1. LISTEN. A big part of my job as a trainer and swim coach is listening to the needs of my clients. I have learned that in order to be an effective communicator, listening is essential to building your confidence. If you want to keep learning about yourself and others, then sit back and listen to what others have to say. You don’t need to keep bombarding others with your wisdom because you know everything- because that is not true. It’s important to listen in order to gain trust with others, and yourself, and this helps to build confidence.
  2. Understand that you are not perfect. And I’m saying this in the nicest way one is perfect. You may have the “perfect” job, but is everything else great in your life? Maybe ou have the “perfect” love life, but are struggling with keeping a get the pattern…While one person may make a lot of $$$, deep down they may have some other struggles that they are trying to work through. This is normal, and I can relate 100% to this. I am super super happy with my husband and where we live, but there are certainly other things in my life that I would love to perfect…ie buying a house, or growing our family. I know these things will come with time so for now I am just putting on my patience pants…
  3. PATIENCE. This is another key trait I believe that is super important when building your confidence. There will be some people in your life that you will work with, maybe you are related to them, or you are friends with; and these people may struggle with something, asking for your help or your expertise. Are you going to blow them off right away, or are you going to invest a little bit of time into making sure they overcome that struggle? As someone who works with various personalities daily, I find that people are going to struggle with different things in their life. Now I’m not saying you need to be their therapist- but take the time to sit down with them, LISTEN, and then propose different solutions or outlets and see if that works for them. It doesn’t hurt, and if anything they will thank you for caring more than anything.
  4. Don’t ask for Compliments, feel free to hand them out, and happily ACCEPT one. This one is HUGGGGEEE. There are so many people out there who if not given a compliment that day, then will go sulk in the corner for hours. DON’T. BE.THAT.PERSON. Be genuine. Seriously- if you see a girl killin’ it doing squats or her fall outfit is just spot on that day..tell her she looks GOOD. Smile at everyone you see. Okay, you don’t need to be super cheesin all day, but giving a cute little smile to everyone around you is just going to spread like laughing cow cheese. It’s contagious and will help you build your confidence. Try it today or tomorrow, I dare you 😉

Confidently yours,



Introducing JBrauzFit!

Hi guys!

My name is Jess and I am a Certified Personal Trainer who lives in SLC, UT with my handsome hubby Andrew and adorable little black cat Pinot. Yup, my cat was named after Pinot Noir- because I love wine.  I am a lover of a great cab or sauv blanc, a strong IPA, milk chocolate (not your typical brands), strong coffee, fresh mountain air, yoga, hiking, swimming and above everything else, getting strong. A huge passion of mine is lifting heavy, and empowering others to do so as well. I love working with people and helping shape their perception on training, nutrition and mindset.  I currently train clients at a local gym and also coach youth swimmers at a local club USA swim team.

Recently I have been reflecting on women’s perception of the word “strong”. Strength is not only defined by physical ability. It encompasses so much more than that, such as mental power, courage and confidence. My goal is to help each and every woman find that inner strength that lies within themselves. I hope to inspire women about strength training through pictures, videos, and articles. I will also talk about lifestyle, food, fashion, my cat Pinot, and most importantly laugh and have fun along the way. Just don’t take life so seriously.

I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave me any comments on the blog posts. If you have any further questions or are in the SLC area, please feel free to email me at .